The main Objective of the Institute is to promote and conduct basic and applied studies in the field of magnetically confined plasma and nonlinear phenomena in plasmas.
The Institute has several academic programmes to train Scientists and Engineers in the field of physics.

Academic Programme

Recruitment Advertisement Academic Programme (Contact: acadcomm at ipr dot res dot in)

Ph. D Programme:
Students who have completed M.Sc.(Physics/Applied Physics) are selected for this programme on the basis of a written test followed by a personal interview which are ususally held in the month of June.
Fellowship rates for fellows are Rs 16,000/- for 1 st and 2nd year and Rs 18,000 for subsequent years.
The selected candidates who join as research scholars at the institute must take a set of courses as prescribed by the Academic committe of the institute. The scholar also takes up a research project under the supervision of the faculty member of the Institute which leads to a Ph.D degree. This programme normally runs for a total of 5 years and on its successful completion, deserving candidates may be offered regular positions in the Institute.

Research Areas:
Areas of research at the Institute include a wide spectrum of topics in experimental and Theoretical physics.
The Institute provides exciting oppurtunities and excellent facilities to work on high Technology areas such as,

  • Large ultra high vacuum systems
  • Spectroscopy, mm-Wave, Visible, UV and X-ray
  • Laser induced florescence
  • Bolometry
  • X-ray/Visible Tomography
  • Nuclear detection techniques
  • Interferometry
  • Electron Cyclotron Emission
  • Atomic and Molecular physics, Charge exchange, Multiple Ionisation, Recombination spectroscopy etc.
  • Surface Plasma Interactions
  • High-Voltage and High-Current Pulsed Power Systems
  • Sophisticated Control, Monitoring and Data Acquisition Systems.

  • Transport (particle and energy)
  • Disruption
  • Instabilities
  • Non-Linear phenomena
  • Generation and destruction of magnetic energy stored in current filaments
  • Dusty Plasmas & Coulomb Crystals
  • Particle acceleration
  • Relativistic Electron beams.
  • Non-neutral Plasma.

  • Collective Phenomena
  • Anomalous and Classical transport
  • Non-linear phenomena ( involves concepts in plasma physics, many-body theory,statistical mechanics, fluid dynamics, quantum chromodynamic field theories, plasma astrophysics etc.), Chaos & Turbulence
  • Dusty plasmas
  • Free electron lasers
  • Computer simulations

Postdoctoral Fellowship:
Institute offers postdoctoral positions. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.

Technical Training Programme:
The institute offers a technical training programme to train and absorb competent Scientists and Engineers in the plasma science and technology.
Students who have completed M.Sc (Physics/Applied physics), B.E (Computer / Electrical / communication / Electronics/ Instrumentation/ Mechanical ) will be selected for this programme on the basis of a written test followed by a personal interview which are usually held in the month of June.To and Fro second class rail fare by shortest route will be paid for attending the interview.
The selected candidates who join as Technical Trainee at the institute must take a set of courses and project work.The duration of this training will be one year.After successful completion of training, they will be offered a regular appointment.
During the period of training, the trainees will be paid a stipend of Rs.5400 per month with hostel accomodation.

Summer School Program:
This is a six-week program that offers a select set of students the opportunity to interact with scientists of the Institute and learn about various research tools of Physics and Technology through a project and a series of lectures.
Students of M.Sc / B.E. / B.Tech( Physics and Technology) are eligible to apply for this program. The participants will receive a consolidated stipend of Rs.10,500/-. To and fro 3rd AC rail fare by the shortest route and free hostel accommodation (limited seats are available) will be provided.

Depending on the need and the vacancies created, Engineers and Scientists will also be recruited directly. Advertisements will be given in the leading newspapers and/ Employment News for differnt positions.