Rules for Utilizing Crèche facility provided by IPR:
1.   Members:  All the IPR employees are eligible to use crèche facility.  The crèche members falls under two categories:-
               Permanent Members: The permanent members are those who use the crèche facility on regular basis
                                                 (for more than 30 consecutive working days).

               Temporary Members:  Temporary members are those who use crèche facility on temporary basis
                                                   (for less than 30 consecutive working days).

2.   Committee:   There will be two types of committees:
               1)      Creche Facility Regulating Committee
               2)      Creche Facility Executive Committee

                        Creche Facility Regulating Committee will be responsible for:
                                 1.      Appointing Creche Facility Executive Committee.
                                 2.      Make and amend the rules for satisfactory operation of the facility.
                         Creche Facility Executive Committee will be responsible for:
                                 1)      Day to day operation and maintenance of the facility.
                                 2)      It will be appointed by the Creche Facility Regulating Committee
                                 3)      It will have two members of uses the facility and one member from administration.
                                 4)      The administration member will help to get the facility from institute.

3.   Membership fee:  Permanent Members need to pay a percentage of the Full-payment according to the age of the child, which will sum –up to make the salary of the Creche care-taker and other related expenditure.Temporary member has to pay a nominal amount of Rs 50 per day even if       they use crèche for one hour or more than that. An advance of Rs 100 is needed  to be paid from which the required amount will be deducted, giving back the left –   out amount to the member at the end of the month.
      The amount will be change as and when required.

4.      General rules:
        a)      The entry of new membership or cancellation of existing membership should be done by informing the existing members in one-month                              advance so that the increase or decrease in the no. of the care takers can be done accordingly.
        b)      Age limit: 6 months to 12 years
        c)      Parents need to provide necessary items for the child viz: clothing, food etc to be used in the crèche.
        d)      No child will be allowed to use the crèche facility if he/she is suffering from any kind of infections / illness, like Viral Infection, diarrhea,                              conjunctivitis and sickness (must be free of infection for last 48 hours).
        e)      The facilities like games, toys etc must be handled properly.
        f)       In case of damage committee will decide for its penalty.
        g)      If there is complaint against any child, steps can be taken by consulting the committee member.

5.      Rules for Permanent members:
        a)            Duration of the permanent membership is minimum one month.
        b)            Cancellation of membership should be informed to the executive     committee one month in advance.
6.      Rules for Temporary members:
         1.      They should bring their children by informing crèche one week well in advance.
         2.      The maximum number of children on any day depend upon the no.of the crèche care-taker and no. of children present (temporary+                                   permanent) on that day.
         3.      The no. of temporary children will be admissible in crèche on the first come-first serve basis.
         4.      The temporary member must give her/his number (internal + mobile) to the crèche care-taker.
         5.      Name must be entered in an entry in the register kept in the crèche on per-  day basis.

7.      Things to provide by parents to crèche with children:
         a.       Cloth
         b.      Food
         c.       Regular or required medicine

8.      Health care of children:    
          a)      A FIRST-AID kit is provided in the crèche for the children.
          b)      Medical facility / Emergency services provided by IPR

Form for Creche facility users